Surfing Adventures in Tamarindo & Langosta

Surfing Adventures in Tamarindo & Langosta
Advice for kids from a 10 year old perspective

Charlie getting ready to surf at Playa Tamarindo

Charlie getting ready to surf at Playa Tamarindo

If you’re coming down to Costa Rica and you want to learn how to surf then this will help you learn how to complete that goal. You can rent boards in many different locations in Tamarindo, such as Witch’s Rock surf camp, Iguana surf club, Kelly’s surf shop and many more. At these places you can get a lesson as well and they will help you learn to surf. The waves in Tamarindo are great for learning almost every day.

Playa Langosta has a much more challenging wave and a really strong current so I would only recommend this beach if you have surfed before and know how to surf the waves that you would see in Langosta. If you want to go on a surf trip anywhere along the beautiful coast of Costa Rica you should go to Witch’s Rock surf camp and they will have trips that you can go on and surf wherever you want in Guanacaste Costa Rica. This is where many surfing dreams can come true so I hope that you will complete yours. I hope that this information will help you to learn to surf and have the best time learning.




About the Author: Hello my name is Charlie and I am 10 years old. I love to surf and this is where I learned it is a lot of fun there has been some challenges the past 4 years but it has been a dream and I hope you enjoy your surfing experience in Tamarindo Costa Rica.

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