Renting a Car

We have been in the vacation rental business for almost 20 years and have had lots of experience with Car Rentals in Costa Rica. After working with different companies throughout the years, we have chosen Adobe Car Rental as our preferred vendor.

Working with Adobe has changed everything for us, now we know that our clients are really being taken care of and that no hidden fees will be added. We know you will have a lot of questions about renting a car in Costa Rica so please read our FAQ below:

  • Why do you recommend Adobe?

They have great customer service and really care about our clients. There are no hidden fees and they are constantly renewing their cars. Adobe is a Costa Rican owned company, with really nice employees that we can now call friends.

  • What benefits do I have as a Tropical Vacations client?

These benefits are available only for our clients:

– Free door to door car delivery.

– Free Additional driver.

– Free booster or car seat.

– Free cooler (Upon request)

– Free CR cell phone (not a smartphone) with one hour for local calls.

– Better prices than Adobe´s public website (from 5 to 15% discount)

– Free airport pick up or ride back (to the adobe office)

– No hidden fees

  • Do you recommend renting a car?

Renting a car will give you the freedom to explore the area and move around town. We recommend using a shuttle from the airport and having Adobe deliver the car to your house the next day. If you prefer to drive yourself, Adobe will provide a free pick up from the airport to their office.

A 4×4 is recommended but you can get around with a sedan as well.

  • I have seen cheaper deals, why?

In Costa Rica, more than 50% of the final price can be mandatory fees or insurance, other companies might offer a $9.95 per day rate, but we encourage you to avoid those options because in the end, when you arrive at the rental car place, the price will always be higher. This is why we prefer to work with Adobe who will give you an all included rate.

  • How Do I book with Adobe?

Click this link and all benefits will be automatically applied to you.

  • What do I need to rent a car in Costa Rica?

You need to be 25 years old or older. You will need a credit card (Visa or Mastercard) as they will put a $1000 hold as a damage deposit (refundable).

  • I have insurance from my credit car company, why are they charging me again?

Liability and car protection insurance are mandatory by law in Costa Rica, and some companies will not show these fees on their online price (Another reason why we love to work with Adobe). If your credit card covers “car protection” in Costa Rica, you still need to pay for the liability insurance.