Welcome to Tamarindo! We hope you enjoy your stay! Below are check-in instructions and directions to our offices.

Directions to our office in Langosta:

When you get into Tamarindo you will see The Best Western Hotel on your left. Stay on that beach road and within a few hundred yards you will pass the Diria Hotel and then an “ESouvenir” store on your right. About 100 yards past that there will be a paved road to the left. Take it. About 200 yards after you make the turn, you will come to a “Y” intersection. Take the right fork. If you are on the right road you should pass a small store on your left in about 25 yards called Supermercado 2001. From there follow the road. In about 3 minutes you will come to another “Y”, right passed the Hotel Capitan Suizo which is on your right­ again take the right fork. Follow the road until you come to condo complex called Villas Langosta ­ about 1/4 of a mile. Our office is directly across the street. Villas Langosta is on the beach side of the road, immediately past the condo complex Horizontes del Mar, a yellow structure, also on the beach side of the road. If you get to the Barcelo Hotel you’re gone too far. Turn around and come back 200 yards. Office phone number is 2653­0738.

We are in the office from 8­-5 p.m. If you arrive after 5, a guard in the Villas Langosta complex will have your keys. Villas Langosta is right across the street from our office.

After hours if you have any problems, please call 8536­5684.

Direcciones a nuestra oficina en Langosta:

(RPM, 25 metros norte del Hotel Barcelo Langosta) Cuando llegas a Tamarindo vas a ver un Hotel Best Western a su isquierda. Sigue la carretera directa y en unos 200 metros vas a passar el Hotel Diria. Despues de pasar el Hotel Diria toma la segunda isquierda en la carretera de pavimento. Vas a llegar a una “Y”, mantengase a la derecha pasando el Super Mercado 2001. Sigue 2 kilometros y vas a llegar a otro “Y” mantengase a la derecha. Sigue la carretera hasta a que llegas a unos condominios llamados Villas Langosta. Nuestar officina esta al otro lado de la carretera con rotulo que dice RPM.

Nuestra oficina esta abierto 8am­5pm. Si llegas despuese de las 5pm sus llaves van a estar en Villas Langosta con nuestra guarda. Villas Langosta al otro lado de la calle.

Cualquier problem depues de horas por favor llamar a 8536­5684