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Long-term Rentals in Tamarindo Costa Rica

Sunset Hill Condos Tamarindo Costa Rica
Pueblo Del Mar townhouses long term rental in Tamarindo Costa Rica

Thinking about moving to Tamarindo Costa Rica and trying to figure out where to live? We have several long-term rentals in Tamarindo Costa Rica that become available throughout the year. From a single room condo to a three bedroom house with private pool, RPM VacationRead more ›

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Top 5 Most Impressive Volcanoes in Costa Rica (and how to get there from Tamarindo!)

Traveling from Tamarindo to Arenal Driving Directions
Traveling from Tamarindo to Arenal Driving Directions

When people think “Costa Rica” they think of three things: pristine beaches, prolific wildlife and colossal volcanoes. Costa Rica is home to over 200 volcanic formations speckled throughout the country – most of them accompanied by piping hot springs and challenging hiking trails. Here’s aRead more ›

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Tamarindo Costa Rica Family Vacation Ideas

Romantic vacation Tamarindo Costa Rica

The lure of the palm trees and the sound of the papagayo breeze led you here. Tamarindo Costa Rica, home of the howler monkeys and the leatherback turtles. Whether you’re family is into adventuring, sightseeing, or just relaxing: pura vida land has you covered.  Read more ›

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Couples Vacation to Tamarindo Costa Rica

Romantic vacation Tamarindo Costa Rica

Let’s be honest, deciding to vacation in Costa Rica was no difficult task. The Pura Vida culture had you at first glance. It’s no wonder why it was voted the most sustainably happy country in the world. You can’t wait to finally visit the beachesRead more ›

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